Information About Glass Mosaic Tiles

Cerdomus Tile Shop And Supplier is a manufacturer of glass mosaic tiles. The aim of our company is to manufacture product, which is very qualitative, modern, practical and efficient in design and building. And, first of all, our glass mosaic tiles must be useful and pleasurable for our customers.

A small excursus in history of glass mosaic. In the Antiquity mosaic was known as very reliable and solid way of coating walls, floors and other surfaces. People used it for decoration interiors of houses, temples, cathedrals and other premises for many centuries. In these antique times mosaic used as an area of decorative art for cultural or sacral aims. To create images of mosaic people used pieces of glass or stones. Of course, this way of coating surfaces were enough slow. But the beauty and longevity of mosaic supplied all inconveniences.

glass mosaic tiles
glass mosaic tiles

Some centuries later, when the new designer solutions were vary in demand, people remembered about mosaic, but in this case they appraised not only beauty of glass mosaic, but another its property such as water-resistance. The glass mosaic protects surfaces from moisture, fungus, premature damages and destructions. Moreover the glass mosaic retains its gamut of colors very well. It is very ligneous and solid product.

Some years ago the glass mosaic tiles became very popular and fashionable in design of interiors. Leading designers used it not only for design of bathroom, kitchen or other backsplash surfaces in dwelling houses, but for coating surfaces of pools, saunas, underground railways, subways, exhibition halls, museums and other public buildings.

Our company offers you very extensive collection of glass mosaic tiles. And this collection increases every year. We produce glass mosaic tiles in various dimensions (from 15*15mm to 23*48mm) and in diverse forms (oval, quadratic and rectangular). And the gamut of colors is very various too: from white to saturated tinges in any palettes. The surface of glass mosaic can be as shining, as frosted too. All our glass mosaic tiles are composed in sheets (300*300mm). It is very comfortable for its installation. The thickness of glass mosaic sheets is 7,5mm. It is enough hardwearing coating for any surface.

Manufacturing glass mosaic tiles, we try to take into account customer demand, their requirements to appearance, design and quality of this product. If you will decide to buy glass mosaic tiles manufactured by company Cerdomus Tile Shop And Supplier, you obtain qualitative product by producer price. You can use our glass mosaic tiles for coating surfaces in dwelling houses such as floors, kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, balconies and in non-residential premises too such as: sport clubs, saunas, swimming pools, garden walls, hotels, restaurants and others.